Welcome to web shop Maevicore, This is the place to get your extras, and with getting them support us a lot in keeping the server up and running. you can purchase some nice items, like Ranks, item-packs, plots and more to come. Donating in anyway will give you an NPC of your looking in the Hall of Fame for people that donated. **This is a donation made voluntarily on behalf of MaeviCore and it's server. Any product you receive can be changed at any time. We do not issue any refunds or exchanges. If you hack or break rules on our server and you are banned, you will also not receive a refund on any donation you have made. Make sure you are 18 or older if not make sure your parents approve, do not "steal/lend" money which your parents do not know about, they will find out anyway. By continuing you accept these terms and conditions.**